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Female steroids and which ones are better to choose

“Female” steroids and which ones are better to choose?

“Female” steroids and which ones are better to choose? Effective steroids for women: Oxandrolone, Primobolan, Masteron

When it comes to women’s “iron” sports or other sports in which it is necessary to show results on a level with men and have perfect physical shape, athletes cannot do without pharmacological assistance. Just like men, women undergo a course of special preparations of the steroid group in order to improve their strength indicators, become more enduring and at the same time bring their bodies to an ideal state.

It is not difficult to buy steroids in Dnipro, Kiev or any other big city. The main thing is to find a bona fide and reliable seller, as well as to decide on a drug that can help in achieving results and at the same time not have a strong negative effect on the body.

Best steroids for women

The use of steroids is always associated best place to buy testosterone online? with preparatory work and a balanced decision on the part of the athlete, who devotes a lot of time to considering all the risks, choosing the optimal drug and developing a regimen of intake and training.

For women, this list is complemented by concerns about the side effects that can have unique effects on the female body. The risks associated with taking steroids are not limited to oily skin and irritability. Therefore, there is a list of the most optimal drugs that are considered the most gentle for the female body. It includes the following names:

Oxandrolone is considered the best option for women where to buy stanozolol, due to the fact that it has a minimal negative impact, helps to achieve excellent results and is very affordable. It is not difficult to buy oxandrolone in specialized sports stores. Low androgenic activity allows you to increase strength indicators and at the same time not gain significant mass. The dosage is calculated taking into account the goal of the athlete and her physical characteristics. The minimum dose is about 10 mg per day, with a gradual increase to a maximum of 20 mg.

Primobolan is a drug that, along with oxandrolone, is considered the optimal choice for use in women’s sports. You can buy Primobolan where to buy testosterone injections in different forms – injectable and oral. It all depends on personal preference and in the case of needles, phobias. For those who choose injections, it is worth knowing that in this case it is recommended not to overestimate the dosage and slightly reduce the course of administration. For the oral form, there are no such restrictions and the dosage calculation is practically the same as for men.

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Anadrol is a drug that is quite popular in medical practice. Often used by athletes whose choice has become bodybuilding. The development of the virilization effect is not observed, which indicates the safety of the drug. But even this fact should not provoke an increase in the permissible dosage or an increase in the duration how to buy winstrol of the course. The permissible 100-150mg must be strictly observed without the slightest manifestation of independence.

Testosterone propionate is acceptable for use by women, although it has some risks of side effects. This drug is used very carefully under constant monitoring of the condition of the athlete. If even insignificant manifestations of side effects are detected, immediate discontinuation of the drug is carried out, and immediate measures are organized to conduct restorative therapy buy steroids online usa.

Steroids to give up

In order to choose a drug for women, there are many options. The list is not limited to one choice, so it’s easy to find the most effective support. dragon pharma Therefore, experienced trainers and medical representatives strongly recommend not to go beyond the approved drugs and pay special attention to steroids that are strictly prohibited for women. This list includes:

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Pure testosterone.





Also, it is recommended to pay attention to post-cycle therapy where to buy aromasin, the organization of which is significantly different from that of men. Taking antiestrogens is strictly prohibited, since girls do not need to restore the production of their own testosterone, this will only contribute to an even greater development of virilization. The best drugs for a comfortable exit from the steroid course will be Clomid and Tamoxifen, and the process itself must be organized by gradually reducing the dosage, reducing it to zero over the last week of the course.

A well-organized course of steroid use will allow a woman athlete to find an ideal toned body, a relief pattern of muscles and increase her performance. At the same time, it is important to remember that the recommended dosages cannot be exceeded and is responsible not only for taking pharmacological agents, but also for establishing a diet, rest and training.


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